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ASMHCC Election Candidate Bios

The 2024-2025 ASMHCC presidential and vice presidential election is underway.

Cast your vote and have your voice heard

Have questions? Email questions to Rozina Lethe, MHCC student leadership and engagement coordinator.

Presidential Candidate: Alessandra Dante Sciarratta

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As a student leader, I value the diverse and vibrant community we have here at MHCC. In running for ASMHCC president, I seek to promote a respectful, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for students of any race, gender, religion, and background, and to build a community where everyone can be heard and supported.

Having worked with ASMHCC for the 2023-24 academic year as a leader on the MHCC campus, I have experience working on a team with others to motive change and host events that build community, as well as experience speaking to administration about the needs of students and how to meet them. I have worked with student leaders on the Student Activities Board and the Student Organizations Council to serve and connect students, so I understand the time, commitment, and integrity of what being a student leader entails.

This year I want to make it a priority to listen to students' needs and wants regarding their college experience by fostering communication between students and administration, I will do my best to ensure that students’ voices are heard so that they can get the most out of their time here at MHCC and be inspired to become a more active part of their community. As ASMHCC president, I want to be a person who students can look to and feel confident that someone will be advocating for them and what they want to see on campus, encouraging an open space where students are informed and connected.

Vice President Candidate: Ty Brintnall

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Hey everyone! My name is Ty Brintnall, and I am declaring my candidacy to run as MHCC’s student body vice president.

At MHCC, I am a member of ASMHCC as the representative of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through this position I work closely with the Multicultural and Diversity Resource Center (MDRC) and Access and Diversity Council. I help plan out events on campus that are more targeted to culture and heritage, such as the upcoming global breakfast, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month, and Cinco de Mayo events. And, through the Access and Diversity council, we discuss potential opportunities and current issues on campus that again are related to inclusion and equity, such as food options for students.

Outside of school, I am a volunteer outreach coordinator for a non-profit. I look for potential business in other states and reach out to ask if they would like to partner with us and help us with our mission. I am also a volunteer crisis counselor for youth. I work amongst a team to help youth that are in a crisis and aid them from said crisis. Also, I volunteer as a mentor with the Multnomah County Library at Rockwood as a mentor for teens. I help teens through creating projects, and guide them along the way. Holding all of these positions I have experience, as well as the work ethic and passion to be vice president!

The goals I have if elected are to bring awareness to students that are struggling to get a proper education. As well as make MHCC a more active campus for our students. I’ve seen first hand that even community college can be a struggle. But I want to work to bring opportunities to the campus to provide students with basic needs so they don’t have to struggle. Whether that be with cost of living, food, schooling supplies etc. My goal is to alleviate these struggles, and give everyone that goes to Mt. Hood the best and fairest opportunity to higher education. MHCC, also being a community college, has lower student engagement than a four-year school. But I want to fix that. I strive to work with student life to make a student’s time at MHCC memorable. College is said to be some of the best years of a person’s life. I want to make that statement as accurate as it can through MHCC.

I want to make MHCC a welcoming place for all. I dream that MHCC is a place that everyone can look at and vision as something more than a community college. But a place of opportunity, exploration, and self-growth. I strive that student's will have a different perspective of just passing classes. But a perspective of ideas that can come to fruition. Whether that be with social connections, job outcomes, etc. I have a dream that our students will come to MHCC and leave with a story to tell.