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Student Publications

Student publications at Mt. Hood Community College acts as a launchpad for students. It's especially useful for those planning to join the workforce as designers, journalists, photographers, and communicators. The publications at MHCC include The Advocate, Venture magazine, and Perceptions Literary Magazine. These are all created by students, meaning students handle everything from writing and editing to designing and publishing. Through student publications, students can share the unique stories that make MHCC special.

Student publications encourage the participation of all students, offer an open campus forum for student issues, and respect the views and opinions of all members of the community. In total these publications reach tens of thousands of students, staff, faculty, campus, and community members.

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The Advocate

The Advocate is a newspaper for students and staff at Mt. Hood Community College. It's been around for more than 50 years. Each week, students make the entire newspaper. Between 15 and 30 students work on The Advocate every year. It is the voice of the students at our college. The student finance council helps fund The Advocate and we also make money from advertising.

The Advocate tries to represent everyone at the college fairly and honestly. We want to give you useful and interesting information about MHCC. We also aim to make you think! If you like writing, taking photos, or designing, you might enjoy working on The Advocate. If you're on the staff and you qualify, you could get help paying for your classes or get paid as a work study or student aid.

For more information about The Advocate please contact Daniel Ernst.

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Perceptions Literary Magazine

Mt. Hood Community College's magazine of the arts has appeared every year since 1969. The magazine is edited, designed, and published by students at Mt. Hood Community College. Each issue runs 200+ pages and includes photography, visual art, poetry, nonfiction, fiction, short films, and music from local, national, and international contributors. While annual issues are usually printed at the end of May, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be publishing the magazine in an online format in the first week of June. Perceptions is produced by students who register for WR291, 292, and 293, The Literary Publication, a three-term class.

For more information, please email Thomas Fuller.

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Venture magazine launches each spring and is available at The Advocate newsstands around campus and also in the community. The magazine is developed during fall through spring terms, providing in-depth features and coverage of the college community and beyond. The magazine offers students an opportunity to write timeless stories of interesting people, events, and organizations, and gives students a chance to become familiar with modern magazine design. Venture strives to include a broad spectrum of stories regarding the college community. In addition, students often cover issues of a regional, state, or national nature that the readership may find to be of interest.

Venture has been published at MHCC since 1981. Quarterly tuition waivers, work study and student Aid pay are available for the magazine staff. The publication is entirely produced by students and the staff generally numbers eight to 12 each year. These students are usually integrated media and humanities students and come from the same group that produces The Advocate, MHCC's newspaper.

For more information about Venture magazine please contact Daniel Ernst.

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