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Construction Craft Laborers

Construction craft laborers are a part of the skilled workforce that builds our communities! Laborers are often one of the first crafts on the job and the last craft to leave. 

Laborers may be skilled or unskilled workers with duties like clearing timber and brush or removing old materials from a job site. They might also place or vibrate concrete, landscape, or install pipe. They handle materials for other trades workers. They also use explosives to tear down buildings. All types of construction projects need laborers. This includes highways, bridges, tunnels, large buildings, sanitation, and housing projects. They perform work for the entire project. A laborer must know how to work with their hands. They also need to know how to use gas-powered tools and how to safely work with electricity and compressed air. Other tools include pavement breakers, rammers, pumps, compressors, lasers, and vibrators.  

Want to learn more about how you can achieve a career in construction? We’re happy to help. Please email questions to Apprenticeship Advisor Howard Mitchell. 

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