worker preparing plaster in a bucket


MHCC partners with Plasters Local #82 on an apprenticeship program. Plasterers Local #82 consists of highly trained professionals skilled in all aspects of plastering. They are ready to work a variety of projects. This includes new construction and high-rise commercial building as well as historical restoration. They are the only state-certified apprenticeship program in Oregon and southwest Washington. 

Your Future as a Plasterer 

Plasterers finish interior walls and ceilings of residential and commercial buildings. They apply plaster on masonry, metal, and wire lath or gypsum. They also cement on masonry, metal, and wire lath (stucco). The work requires skill and craftsmanship as most of these finishes are applied by hand. The working conditions can be demanding. Plasters perform about 75 percent of their work outside on scaffolds.  

Want to learn more about careers as a plasterer? We’re happy to help. Please email questions to MHCC Apprenticeship Advisor Howard Mitchell. 

Contact Plasterers Local #82

Learn more about Plasterers Local #82

Kent Sickles
Plasterers Local #82 Training Coordinator 
12812 NE Marx St. 
Portland, OR 97230 
Fax: 503-255-7691 


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