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Anthropology - Program Details

Anthropology is “the study of what makes us human.” When you study Anthropology at MHCC, you will learn about the many aspects of our cultures and societies that make being human unique. Through your studies and later your work, you will examine the past to see how humans have lived for hundreds – or thousands – of years.

The Study of Humans

Through your courses, you will learn how to study human biology and genetics, as well as bones, diet, and health. For example, you will look at how different cultures of people from around the world get food, prepare it, and share it with each other.

Program Outcomes

After completing this program you'll be able to:

  • Consider critical questions such as:
  • Why did we develop religion?
  • How did we change economically?
  • How is language used, and why did we develop it?
  • What did ancient societies look like?
  • What values might they have had?

Courses and Curriculum

While pursuing the Anthropology major, you can complete courses toward the Social Science and elective requirement for your associate degree. Most of the courses available can easily be transferred to a four-year institution so you can go on to earn your bachelor’s degree if you choose to do so. Work with an advisor to make sure you are taking the right classes.

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Your Future in Anthropology

Many jobs in the field of Anthropology require you to have a bachelor’s degree. Once you complete your associate degree at MHCC, you can transfer to one of our partner schools to complete your bachelor’s. These four-year institutions include:

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