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Chrysler MCAP - FAQ

Do you still have questions about the program, careers after graduation, or how to get started? Take a look at the frequently asked questions or talk with an advisor to get the help you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, the Chrysler MCAP program takes two years of full-time study. Some students take longer because they can't attend full-time or need help with reading, writing, or math.

In addition to an associate degree, if you complete the Chrysler MCAP program you’ll graduate with hands-on experience at a Chrysler dealership. You'll also be able to:

  • Demonstrate safe shop practices and hazardous material handling.
  • Diagnose and repair electrical systems.
  • Diagnose and repair engine performance systems.
  • Diagnose and repair emission systems.
  • Diagnose and repair internal combustion engine systems.
  • Diagnose and repair automatic transmission and transaxle systems.
  • Diagnose and repair manual drivetrain and axles systems.
  • Diagnose and repair brake systems.
  • Diagnose and repair automotive steering and suspension systems.
  • Diagnose and repair automotive heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Perform minor vehicle services.

Mt. Hood Community College has several student resources on campus to help students connect with employers and find a job placement both during and after their time at MHCC. Learn more through Career Planning.

If you're 18 or older, you can start without a high school diploma or GED. But if you haven't finished high school, you can work on it here while beginning your career or studies. Students under 18 without a diploma should talk with an advisor to get the assistance you need to get started.

You can start a course or two without them. But it's best for all students, whether full-time or part-time, to take the placement test soon, especially if you're aiming for a degree or certificate. The test covers reading, writing, and math and is free. To schedule a placement test, contact Testing Services.

No, depending on the year, some cohorts start during the summer term. Meet with an advisor to plan your path to completing the program.

Yes, some classes are available at night or online, but it may take you longer to complete your program that way. Not all classes are available at night every term, so meet with an advisor to plan carefully.

Sometimes, yes. Some classes must be taken in order, and some have prerequisites. Check the catalog or talk to an academic advisor to plan your classes.

There is a special application process for the Chrysler MCAP program. Meet with an advisor to plan your path into the program.

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