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Accounting - Program Details

The accounting program at Mt. Hood Community College will welcome you to the world of accounting. You’ll learn to use industry-standard tools and about different forms of accounting. Along the way, you’ll develop a strong grasp of financial principles. All courses (except BA101 Introduction to Business) must be completed within 5 years in order to be awarded the degree.

The Start of a Promising Career

If you want to become an accountant, bookkeeper, or auditor this is the degree path for you. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to start a great career.

Program Outcomes

After completing this program you'll be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of accounting concepts.
  • Prepare a comprehensive set of financial reports.
  • Apply your experience in computerized commercial accounting packages and electronic spreadsheets.
  • Process payroll and meet legal reporting requirements.
  • Analyze financial statements and use accounting information to promote profitable and efficient business operations.

Courses and Curriculum

This degree can be completed in 92-95 credit hours, and involves a mix of class work and practical experience.

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Your Future in Accounting

The knowledge you'll gain at Mt. Hood Community College prepares you for a variety of roles in the business and accounting world. If you're keen on understanding the ins and outs of accounting and aspire to make a meaningful impact in the field, the Accounting degree program is right for you.

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