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Computer Game Development Degree - How to Get Started

You can start the computer game development program any term. Students admitted to MHCC can sign up for classes in the program after reading, writing, and math placement requirements have been met.

Complete the MHCC Application Process

It is easy to get started at MHCC. Simply follow the steps in our new student checklist. These include filling out the admission form, figuring out how to pay for college through programs like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) or the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA), connecting with our staff to choose classes, and more.

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Applied to MHCC? Here's what to do next

After you have been admitted to MHCC, you will need to meet the course registration requirements in reading, writing, and math.

Placement Requirements Needed to Get Started in This Program

Placement into RD115 or completion of RD090 Placement into WR121 or completion of WR115 Placement into MTH065 or completion of MTH060

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Sign up for classes

After completing the placement requirements, you can sign up for classes. First-term students should sign up for these classes: 

  • CIS125WP Word Processing (three credits)
  • CIS125GA Beginning Game Programming (three credits)
  • CIS135GMA Introduction to 3-D Modeling (three credits)
  • CIS135GRA Graphics for Game Asset Development I (three credits)
  • CIS195 Interface Design for Interactive Applications (three credits)
  • CIS125SS Spreadsheets (three credits)

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Additional Program Costs

There are no pieces of equipment you will need to complete your coursework that are an additional cost to Mt. Hood Community College tuition, fees, and textbooks.

Textbooks per term range from $100-$500, and can be purchased online through the college bookstore.

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