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EOU / SOU / WOU Transfer Degree

Computer science dives into computers, their parts, and how we use them. You'll explore coding in different languages for various tasks. The classes you take at MHCC set you up to continue at Eastern Oregon University (EOU), Southern Oregon University (SOU), or Western Oregon University (WOU) for a four-year computer science degree.

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In the EOU / SOU / WOU transfer degree program you'll learn to create software that fits set guidelines, using both structured and object-focused methods. You'll understand the whole process of making software, including the tools and steps involved. You'll design and use ways to fix computer problems, using tools like arrays, stacks, queues, and more. You'll also get better at speaking in professional settings and work well in teams.

Your future

Your EOU / SOU / WOU transfer degree from Mt. Hood Community College will prepare you to complete your four-year degree at several colleges. From there, you’ll be a prime candidate for several exciting careers.

How To Get Started

You can start the computer science transfer degree program during any term. Students admitted to MHCC can sign up for classes in the program after reading, writing, and math placement requirements have been met.

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Classes in the EOU / SOU / WOU transfer degree program at MHCC will teach you about software creation, the development process, and the tools we use to address computer challenges. Plus, you'll enhance your communication skills and teamwork abilities.

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