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Networking and Security Operations - Program Details

In this program you'll dive into fixing computer parts and software, setting up networks, and learning about network safety while writing security codes. You'll also study how to keep a business going after big tech problems and learn "ethical hacking." This degree will prepare you for certification tests like Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CompTIA, and more here.

The Start of a Promising Career

If you aim to work in cybersecurity ensuring networking is safe and trustworthy, this degree is your path. You'll acquire the skills and know-how to kick off a solid career.

Program Outcomes

After completing this program you'll be able to:

  • Keep computer parts and programs up to date.
  • Find and fix computer and software issues.
  • Plan and draw out better network setups.
  • Work together in a team for computer safety.
  • Set up, change, and improve personal computers.
  • Look after and protect both wired and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Make sure we can use tools and networks smoothly, and fix if not.
  • Learn about online safety and use it to make safer networks.
  • Make plans for tech problems and how to get things back to normal.
  • Speak clearly with others in tech-related jobs.
  • Safely check networks for any problems.
  • Look inside computers to find stored data.
  • Think about and plan for tech challenges in businesses.

Courses and Curriculum

In this program, you’ll learn about everything from basic networks to large-scale security. This degree can be completed in 96-100 credit hours and includes classwork and practical experience.

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Your Future in Networking and Security Operations

The skills you'll learn at Mt. Hood Community College will set you on the path to a great career in networking and security operations. If you're passionate about cybersecurity and protecting important data, this degree program is a fit for you.

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