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Economics - After Graduation

With the economics transfer major program at Mt. Hood Community College, you can transfer and complete an array of degrees at other colleges including Oregon State University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and Eastern Oregon University. Long-term, there are many career options for you if you pursue economics.

Future Careers

MHCC Career Coaches are here to help you explore your career options after graduation. Below are a few common paths graduates can pursue.


If you're an economist, you study how money and products are used in the world and help make financial decisions.

Economics Teachers, Postsecondary

If you become a postsecondary economics teacher, you'll teach advanced economics to college students.

Supply Chain Managers

As a supply chain manager, you make sure products get from where they are made to where they need to be, like from factories to stores.

Environmental Economists

If you're into environmental economics, you study how money and the environment are connected. You might explore how protecting nature can also make financial sense.

Climate Change Policy Analysts

In this role, you look at the rules and plans to deal with climate change and help make them better.

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