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Engineering Technology - Program Details

The Engineering Technology program at Mt. Hood Community College will prepare you for entry level jobs you can only get with a degree. You will have many career paths available to you, such as electrical, mechanical, civil, industrial, and aerospace engineering.

Engineering Expertise

In this program you will learn about machine tools, mathematics, composition, and mechanics. As you progress through your course work, you will also learn about sustainable engineering and structural design. These will be useful to your career as soon as you graduate.

Program Outcomes

After completing this program you'll be able to:

  • Demonstrate technical expertise in a minimum of three subject areas chosen from: engineering materials, applied mechanics, applied fluid sciences and fundamentals of electricity.
  • Use graphics software to enhance creativity and productivity in engineering design.
  • Calculate loads and determine stresses and displacements in elementary structural and mechanical systems.
  • Work in a team while applying technical expertise in creating a product from concept to working prototype.
  • Conduct standardized field and laboratory testing on concrete and soils.
  • Use traditional and modern electronic surveying equipment.
  • Describe the ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession.
  • Describe sustainability in engineering and how it impacts products, business and communities.

Courses and Curriculum

As a full-time student at Mt. Hood Community College, you should be able to complete your degree in two years. Once completed, you will be ready for any entry level job in the engineering field.

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Your Future in Engineering

The skills you learn through our engineering program will be just the start of your new path. Whether your track takes you into engineering materials, applied mechanics, applied fluid sciences or the fundamentals of electricity, you will be able to take those first steps with confidence thanks to your degree from Mt. Hood Community College.

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