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English Literature - After Graduation

Once you’ve completed the English literature program at Mt. Hood Community College, you can easily transfer to many nearby four-year universities to complete your Bachelor of Arts degree. Here are just a few of the career opportunities available to you once completed.

Future Careers

MHCC Career Coaches are here to help you explore your career options after graduation. Below are a few common paths graduates can pursue.

Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers

If the idea of writing fiction or nonfiction prose, such as short stories, novels, biographies, articles, descriptive or critical analyses, and essays, appeals to you, then this career is perfect for you.

Writers and Authors

As a writer/author, you will write, but you will also need to vary the language and tone of your messages based on product and medium.

News Analysts, Reporters, and Journalists

In the news business, you will be responsible for examining news of local, national, and international significance to determine topics to address or obtain assignments from editorial staff members.


As an editor, you would develop story or content ideas, considering reader or audience appeal.

Librarians and Media Collections Specialists

In this role, you will be responsible for many things, particularly for searching standard reference materials, including online sources and the Internet, to answer patrons' reference questions.

Proofreaders and Copy Writers

In this career, you will be consulting reference books to check references with rules of grammar and composition, as well as consulting with authors and editors regarding manuscript changes and suggestions.

Technical Writers

Technical writers study drawings, specifications, mockups, and product samples to integrate and delineate technology, operating procedure, production sequence, and detail. They also arrange for typing, duplication, and distribution of material.

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Job Boards

Here are places to search for current openings at organizations that hire for your skill set.

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