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English Literature - Program Details

This degree is for students who want to start at MHCC before transferring to a four-year college to earn a bachelor’s degree in English. Courses include literature, Shakespeare, legends, mythology, and composition. Many students like you pursue careers as poets, writers, news analysts, or editors.

Reading, Studying, and Learning

As you work toward your English literature degree, you will spend your time immersed in novels, poems, stories, essays, non-fiction, and plays. In this degree, students complete the courses needed to transfer to a regional four-year college.

Program Outcomes

After completing this program you'll be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of literary works in context, including how texts engage notions of genre, culture, history, class, race, gender, and sexuality.
  • Discuss and explain, orally and in writing, themes, plots, characterization, symbolism, and other conventions and practices of literature and literary genres.
  • Define and apply vocabulary appropriate to the study of literature and the humanities (e.g., hero, myth, symbols, irony).
  • Make connections between literature and their own lives.
  • Use a variety of written, verbal, and multimodal forms to respond to and analyze literary texts and contexts.

Courses and Curriculum

The Associate of Arts Transfer in English Literature (AAT-English Literature) is a statewide transfer degree designed for students who intend to major in English literature after transferring to an Oregon public university. Work with an advisor to make sure you are taking the right classes to transfer.

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Your Future in English Literature

With a degree in English literature, you will have many job opportunities available to you. Those with this degree often find career paths in writing, reporting, or working in libraries.

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