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Certified Welder Certificate

If you need to work during the day, you can take classes in the evening to earn your certified welder certificate in this program. After completing your certificate, all courses will also coin toward your integrated metals Associate of Applied Science degree as well if you choose to continue. Earning this certificate will help you become employed as a welder, get a better job, and possibly even increase your wage.

The Experience

Program Details

The certified welder program allows you to complete your program in evening classes to fit your schedule. You will learn all about welding. This includes safety and making items that meet American Welding Society (AWS) rules.

Your future

This certificate will give you the skills to start a career as an entry-level welder while also earning credits toward your integrated metals associate degree.

How To Get Started

You can start the certified welder program during any term. Students admitted to MHCC can sign up for classes in the program after reading, writing, and math placement requirements have been met.

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Your coursework will begin with basics like shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and blueprint reading. Then, you’ll dive into safety, hands-on labs, and workplace communication. In the next quarters, you’ll learn about metallurgy and different welding methods like gas metal arc welding (GMAW).

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