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Integrated Metals: Welding and Machine Tool Technology

The integrated metals Associate of Applied Science degree at Mt. Hood Community College prepares you for jobs in machine tool and welding tech. You'll learn how to measure precisely, read blueprints, set up machinery, and work with both old-school and computer-controlled tools.

The program doesn't stop there. You'll dive into the world of computer-aid design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), understanding how computers help design and work with metal. It's all about preparing you for modern metals manufacturing.

Faculty and Contact Information

Applied Technologies Office

Zach Canjar

Faculty Advisor

Keith Knight

Faculty Advisor

Mark Thomas

Faculty Advisor

Valorie Gilbert

Faculty Advisor

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Modern Skills for Tomorrow's Craftspeople

At MHCC, we know metalwork isn't just about traditional techniques; it's about what's next. In our integrated metals program, you'll mix classic skills with new tech. You'll be ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow.