English as a Non-Native Language - ENL

The ENL program at Mt. Hood Community College provides English language instruction for students who need to improve their speaking, pronunciation, reading and writing skills for college or for work. The courses are taught by professional English language teachers with masters degrees in TESOL, many years of experience, and crosscultural or international experience.

ENL Classes

Upon placement into ENL, students take Speaking, Writing, and Reading at three levels. These classes are 5 credits each, which means that they meet five hours per week.


Students learn how to ask for and give information, how to listen and take effective notes, and how to give presentations. Students also learn to improve their pronunciation.


Students improve grammar and writing skills, including organization and writing patterns for college essays.


Students improve vocabulary skills, such as vocabulary from context and word analysis, reading skills, such as identifying main ideas and supporting details, making inferences, and developing reading speed.

The three levels of ENL Speaking, Writing, and Reading are:

  • ENL94 - low intermediate
  • ENL120 - upper intermediate
  • ENL201- advanced

There are also  two levels of ENL Pronunciation that are 2 credits each, which means they meet two hours per week:

  • ENL120 - upper intermediate
  • ENL201- advanced


Students improve their pronunciation of American English through an overview of the sound system, including vowels, consonants, stress, rhythm and intonation. Students create individualized accent reduction plans to improve the comprehensibility of their spoken English.

From the advanced level of the ENL program, students can progress into regular college classes.


Non-native speakers who want to take ENL must take the LOEP test for English language placement. After taking the test, students will make an appointment with the ENL advisor. The advisor will determine the student's level placement and will help the student register for classes.

Go to Testing Services in Room 2335 to take the test. Testing Services Website.

Scholarship for Students that have taken ESL85E, ESL88B, ESL86C, or OPABS

Term Deadline for CAP Scholarship Application
Winter 2015 Due by Dec. 5, 2014 by 5:00 PM
Spring 2015 Due by March 13, 2015 by 5:00 PM

Services for International Students

Mt. Hood Community College strives to serve all students. There are many services, including advising & counseling, athletic facilities, computer labs, the International Friendship Club and other clubs, the outdoor activity program, tutorials, and the conversation program.

If you have questions about the ENL program, please call ENL Advisor, Julie Vawser, 503-491-7404, Julie.Vawser@mhcc.edu.

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