MHCC Launches Cybersecurity Degree This Fall

Posted August 30, 2012 

   Paul Morris and Wayne Machuca, MHCC
   instructors, have developed a cutting-edge
   program in cybersecurity that will launch
   this fall.

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) will introduce Cybersecurity and Networking fall term 2012, a cutting-edge program that is responsive to the current and future needs of business and industry.

The new program -- the first of its kind in the state -- was developed by MHCC computer instructors Dr. Wayne Machuca and Paul Morris, in response to President Barack Obama’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity. MHCC’s Associate of Applied Sciences in Cybersecurity and Networking degree will prepare students for careers in the quickly developing computer technology industry.

A nationwide effort to deliver Cybersecurity training is essential to prevent what President Obama describes as a cyber attack, or warfare through computer technology. According to Machuca, “While the United States is the most technologically advanced nation in the world, most of us do not realize just how vulnerable we are. The widespread use of everything computer and much of it mobile has put us at risk.”  For example, think banking accounts, electronic medical records, air traffic control and power grids as potential targets.

Jobs Outlook

Beginning in September, MHCC students can expect to develop skill sets in this field that match industry standards. The curriculum will draw from a variety of MHCC’s already robust computer technology programs in the Computer Information Systems department, including Database Development and Computer Game Development. Students will learn about computer technology essentials such as hardware and software repair, security techniques, network development, disaster recovery and ethical hacking.

This training will be put to good use in the workforce. While the number of jobs in many careers has decreased, career opportunities in the Computer Information Systems industry have increased in the last few years, especially for entry-level jobs.

“Regular entry-level programming jobs are in high demand right now,” says Machuca, “and by enhancing one’s degree with Cybersecurity and Networking, MHCC students will gain an important edge in the eyes of hiring managers.”

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By Teresa Lane 

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