• Transferring to a University or College?

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    Different colleges and universities have different general education and graduation requirements. Therefore, it is vital to plan ahead for transfer by reviewing catalogs and transfer advising guides for the various transfer schools. The MHCC Academic Advising and Transfer Center has information on colleges and universities and the degrees that they offer.

    Planning for transfer is an important part of one's educational preparation. For example, some intended majors may require an early start on mathematics, or other courses. Certain majors include essential coursework at the sophomore level, so students may need to be attending their transfer schools after only one year at MHCC. Professional academic advisers, faculty advisers, and counselors are available to help students develop educational plans that will meet the requirements of their chosen majors and transfer schools.

    Freshman (0-18 transferable credits)
    • After taking a placement test, visit the orientation center to discuss your basic skills in writing, reading and math. Discuss your option of either completing a MHCC associate's degree before transferring or transferring your credits without earning a MHCC degree.
    • Begin to research four-year colleges. Factors such as location, majors offered, reputation, public vs. private, cost and financial aid, should all be considered. The Transfer Centers and Career Centers have many resources to help you research colleges.
    • If you have decided on a major, view the Academics and Training page. The program guide for your specific major will tell you which courses you may want to take at MHCC before you transfer. Along with your major requirements, you will also need to fulfill core general education and Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science requirements; many of which can be completed at MHCC. Please be aware that requirements vary among the different colleges and universities. If you do not find a transfer guide for your major, work with your MHCC adviser to develop a transfer plan.
    Continuing freshman (19-44 transferable credits)
    • For those students who are still undecided, it is recommended that you contact staff in the Career Planning and Counseling Center who are trained to know which majors are best suited for the type of work you want to do. You may also consider taking a career guidance class listed under Human Development in the schedule of classes
    • If you are working towards an associate degree at MHCC, meet with an academic adviser to review your Degree Audit on your MYMHCC.
    • Develop a list of your potential universities.
    • Attend the annual College Transfer Fair held at Mt. Hood during winter term.
    • If you plan to transfer to PSU, OSU, OIT, Pacific University, Linfield College, or Concordia University discuss Co-Admissions Enrollment options with your adviser.
    • Meet with four-year university representatives to discuss your future transfer plans. Many local universities visit the MHCC through the year and the schedule of visits can be found on the Transfer webpage.
    • Begin to visit four-year colleges and universities. Every college campus is different. Make sure you choose a school that feels right to you.
    Sophomore standing (45-74 transferable credits completed)
    • Get connected to the college or university to which you plan to transfer. Contact their advisors early, even before you apply for admission. You may want to contact your major department to address any questions you have that pertain specifically to the departmental requirements.
    • Begin to complete applications to four-year schools. Make sure you have finished the minimum eligibility requirements to transfer. Be aware of deadlines!
    • Research financial aid and scholarship opportunities. One of the best ways to receive scholarship and financial aid information is through the internet.
    • Apply for Scholarships early.
    • If applying for financial aid, you can obtain your university's code from the FAFSA website. Apply in January.
    • Complete MHCC Graduation Application. Apply by mid April if you would like to participate in the ceremony.
    Sophomore standing (75-89 transferable credits completed)
    • Continue to apply for scholarships. Again, be aware of deadlines!
    • Complete applications if you have not already done so. Make sure you have finished the minimum eligibility requirements for transfer before the application deadlines.
    • Order your MHCC Transcript  to be sent to the four-year colleges you may attend. It is a good idea to keep an official and unofficial copy on hand for possible future use. If you are dually enrolled, your transcript is sent electronically each term.
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