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Note: JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to vote in student elections. Use your student identification number for your username and your birthday in MMDDYY format as your password. You can find your student identification number on your class schedule. (Do use leading zeros, for example, 01/02/1985 would be formatted as 010285.)

Important!By clicking "Login Now " below, I verify that:

  • The student login information I am submitting on this page, including identity number and password, belong to me.

  • I will comply with all prohibitions of behavior as stated in the Student Code of Conduct, including the following:
    • Article 20, Section B.: "Furnishing false information to any college official, faculty member or college office."
    • Article 20, Section C.: "Forging, altering or misusing a college document, record or instrument of identification."
    • Article 20, Section D.: "Tampering with the election of any college-recognized student organization."

  • If I violate the student code of conduct I will be subject to disciplinary action, up through and including expulsion.

Voters Guide

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