• About ESL

  • Do you want to learn English? Mt. Hood Community College offers excellent ESL classes through the Adult Basic Skills department. Our program is designed to help you improve your English language skills so that you can communicate well with others and achieve your goals as a community member, lifelong learner, family member and worker here in the United States. Classes are available during the day and in the evenings and are currently being offered 100% online.

    Si usted habla español, por favor llame al 503-491-7675 para preguntas acerca del programa de ESL y clases de GED en español.

    How to Begin

    First, call the office at 503-491-7333 to arrange a time to take an assessment test. This test will help to place you in the right class. There are different levels offered, from beginning to high.


    Winter term begins January 4, 2021!

    Classes are 11 weeks long during the fall term, 10 weeks during winter and spring terms and eight weeks during the summer. Summer classes begin in June, Fall classes begin in September, Winter classes begin in January and Spring classes begin in March. Check the Academic Calendar for exact dates.


    Our instructors are highly qualified. All have Masters Degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language or in a related field, and many have years of experience living and teaching English in different countries around the world.

    ESL Class Descriptions

    • Integrated Skills Courses: 6 or 12 hours per week, $60*
      These classes develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for non-native speakers of English.
    • Writing Courses: 2 hours per week, $30
      These classes focus on developing writing skills for non-native speakers of English.
    • Reading Courses: 3 hours per week, $15
      These classes focus on developing reading skills as these relate to students' roles at school, at work, and in the community.
    • Communication: 3 hours per week, $15
      These classes focus on developing listening and speaking skills necessary to succeed in the community. This class is for high beginning to intermediate English language learners.

    *Fee waivers available for those who qualify. Ask a staff member about eligibility.