• Advising Appointment Tips

  • If you are a new MHCC student, please complete placement testing before your appointment. This will allow the adviser to give you personalized advice based on your reading, writing, and math levels. Get started here: www.mhcc.edu/courseplacement

    If you plan on transferring credits from another college or university, make sure to send your official transcripts and request they be evaluated: www.mhcc.edu/transfertomhcc. If we don’t have official transcripts on file, please download a PDF copy of your unofficial transcript before the appointment, or bring a printed copy if you have an on-campus appointment. Then your adviser can review your prior coursework with you.

    Advising is an interactive process that requires your full attention. Avoid scheduling phone and Zoom appointments during a time when you plan to be driving, in a noisy environment, or in class. Having access to a pen and paper to take notes and/or a device with internet access can help you make the most out of your remote appointment.

    Spend some time thinking about what you want your college experience to look like. What are your favorite (and least favorite) subjects? How much time do you have to spend on school each week? Do you prefer to have classes in person, online, or a mix? What questions or concerns do you have about college? Make a list of anything you want to ask or discuss with your adviser.

    If you have a scheduled in-person appointment, please fill out this COVID-19 questionnaire. Bring your photo ID and arrive early. If driving you can park in any lot, though the closest is lot D. Please check in at the Student Services HUB (Building 12, Room AC2253) and they will direct you to your advising appointment.