• Applying for Financial Aid

  • How to Apply for Aid at MHCC

    1. Complete the FAFSA or ORSAA online. MHCC's Federal School Code is 003204. For best results, renew your FAFSA or ORSAA before February 1 each year!
      • Not sure if you should do the FAFSA or the ORSAA? Take the FAFSA/ORSAA Quiz!
      • FAFSA Checklists (English | Español): 6 tips to help you complete the FAFSA
      • How to Fill Out the FAFSA ( | Spanish Captioned): A short video about how to complete the FAFSA.
      • FAFSA & FSA ID Tips for Parents (English | Spanish captioned): A short video with tips for parents to complete and sign the FAFSA.
      • ORSAA Tip Sheets (English | Español): This PDF will guide you through the ORSAA process and outline how to apply for other financial aid in Oregon.
      • 5 Tips for Completing the ORSAA (English | Español): A video of tips for students and families as they start the ORSAA. A full playlist of videos for ORSAA filers is available here.
    2. Check for Missing Documents on your MyMHCC account. Sometimes extra information is needed. Complete all forms or requests for information that is missing, even if it does not apply to you. Check this screen frequently as items may be added later with no notice.
      • A note on FAFSA Verification: If you have been selected for verification, it means that MHCC is required to compare your FAFSA data to your federal tax data and/or other resources. Your Student Aid Report will tell you if you've been selected for verification.

        If additional documents are needed to complete verification, the Office of Financial Aid will prompt you by email to review your Missing Documents list in MyMHCC. Directions are provided with each document.

        Submit all documents as soon as possible or your award could be delayed! After you have submitted all documents, the MHCC Office of Financial Aid will make any necessary corrections to your FAFSA and notify you through your Saints email when you have been awarded. Normal processing time is 2-3 weeks from the date that all requested documentation is received.

    3. Complete the required Financial Aid Orientation Form. This form will appear in your Missing Documents list once all items have been received and processed and your award offer is ready.

    4. Review and accept your award. You must accept or decline the loans you are offered; grants and scholarships do not need to be accepted.
    • If you want to use financial aid during summer term, or take less than 12 credits during any term, you must also complete the Credit Revision Form online.
    • If you accept loans, complete the Entrance Counseling and MPN (Master Promissory Note) on studentloans.gov with your FSA ID.

    How do I pay for classes if I'm using financial aid?

    • If you have completed all the steps above before the term begins, your tuition and fees will automatically be paid during the second week each term.
    • If there is money left over after your tuition and fees are paid (minus any bookstore purchase you made with a financial aid voucher), the excess amount will be disbursed to you.
    • Disbursement is the second Wednesday of each term, usually in the afternoon. The day you receive your funds depends on which disbursement preference you chose when setting up your Mountain Card and if you finished all the steps in time.

    Next steps

    • Select Disbursement Preference. After all financial aid documents are in and you have registered for classes, you will receive a personal code from Bank Mobile Vibe via the email you used on your FAFSA/ORSAA application or by mail. This occurs about 30 days before the start of the first term you are registered for. Use the personal code your received to log into the Bank Mobile Vibe website. Create an account and choose your refund preference. Refund options include a paper check, your own personal account (have your account information handy), or a debit card. Not choosing a refund preference may delay your refund.
    • View your Bookstore Authorized Amount. Starting two weeks before each term begins, you may check the Financial Aid screen on MyMHCC to see if you have funds available to spend in the bookstore. If you have a dollar amount listed next to the upcoming term, you may pre-order textbooks and pick them up starting on the Thursday before the term begins. The last day to charge items to your voucher is the second Monday of the term.
    • Did you apply late for financial aid or turn in missing documents late? Set up a payment plan on MyMHCC to ensure no holds or late fees are placed on your account. Once your award is ready and has been accepted, the remaining balance will be paid and any excess funds will be disbursed to you using your payment refund preference.

    Priority Deadlines

    Term File the FAFSA by these dates: Complete all MHCC paperwork
    by the following dates:
    Summer Term As soon as possible after Oct. 1 of the prior year April 1
    Fall Term April 1 (earlier if possible) July 1
    Winter Term July 1 (earlier if possible) October 1
    Spring Term Nov 1 (earlier if possible) February 1


    • If you miss deadlines, financial aid may not be available until after the start of the term. Keep checking your account for missing documents and turn them in as soon as possible.
    • Plan ahead! It can take up to 6 weeks to complete all the steps outlined above.
    • A payment plan option is available in the case that deadlines are missed.
    • File your FAFSA or ORSAA every year – applications open in October
    • If you need help checking the status of your aid, please stop by the HUB for assistance