• Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) has a rich baseball tradition steeped in wins, successful achievements on the field and in the classroom as well as the advancement by our players. In the last 28 years, the Saints have won 18 regional championships and taken two Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) Championships. They have also compiled three, second-place finishes, nine third-place finishes and two fourth-place finishes. MHCC has finished at the top of the Southern Region ten out of the last 15 seasons.

  • MHCC welcome baseball coach Korey Kier to lead Saint sluggers

    Korey Kier

    After a year of unexpected turnover, Mt. Hood Community College’s baseball program is excited to announce former assistant coach Korey Kier as head coach and a renewed focus on and off the field.  

    “We are fortunate to have such a long history of success within our baseball program - it has been one of the strongest athletic programs we have had at Mt. Hood, including last year’s success and appearance in the NWAC Championship Game,” MHCC Athletic Director Kim Hyatt said.“Coach Kier has a long history of success and experience at the high school, college levels and within the West Coast League.?It is unfortunate of the timing to lose such a great coach as Coach Sales, but we are so excited to get Coach Kier on board to take over the program.”?   

    Coach Kier is a former assistant coach with the Saints and a huge part of the success of the team that competed in the 2012 NWAC Championship Game. Coach Kier is joined by former teammates Tristan Metcalf, Ian Erickson, Dane Lund and returning coaches Brent Johnson, Steve Dukart who together provide years of experience and proven success. 

    “We are so fortunate to have members of the 2012 team reach out to Coach Kier about joining his staff as soon as they heard he was going to be taking over. It is really a special place not only with these guys stepping up, but even former coaches (Sales, Donohue, and Sandy) have been incredibly supportive of Coach Kier and the team in preparation for another great year for the Saints,” Hyatt said.  

    This will be an exciting year for the team and coaching staff who will continue the success of the program on the field and align the program more with the mission and goals at MHCC.  

    “One of the more impressive qualities with Coach Kier is his ability to not only develop great baseball players but invest in the development of the team. With the level of support we are seeing from the baseball community, we will see stronger, more diverse, and dynamic baseball at Mt. Hood Community College,” Hyatt said.