Brand, Marketing and Communications

  • The Brand, Marketing and Communications department at Mt. Hood Community College is a full-service in-house department that oversees the communications efforts of the college and MHCC District. It houses the Public Information Office, Marketing, Advertising, and Graphic design, as well as overseeing the college’s social media, advocacy and photography functions.

  • Contact Information

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    Al Sigala
    Vice President,
    College Advancement

  • About MHCC

    Find out more information about the Mt Hood Community College, its campuses and the district as a whole.

    Public Information Office

    The public information office responds to various requests, including from the public, media and legislators. It also releases various college and district news article to the general public

    Advertising, Marketing and Graphic Design

    MHCC's marketing, advertising and graphic design services oversee the creation and implementation of brand-aligned marketing materials for the college.

    Social Media

    The Brand, Marketing and Communications office is actively engaged in communicating with the public through various social media platforms, and conducts social media training for staff when needed.


    The Brand, Marketing and Communications office regularly produces a variety of college publications, designed to inform and guide.

    Department Resources

    The Brand, Marketing and Communications office makes available a variety of resources such as hi-res photos and logos usable by the public. Staff resources are also located here, such as links to graphic design and photo request information.