Diversity Resource Center

  • The Diversity Resource Center (DRC) provides a welcoming, safe, culturally respectful, and collaborative learning environment that serves all members of the MHCC community. A student-centered space dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and learning about the variety of cultures represented at Mt. Hood Community College as well as the larger world our students and employees engage with. The DRC provides resources, events, trainings and workshops, and an intercultural library all designed to support our academic home as well as preparing our students to be most successful in a globalized working world.

  • YOU are diversity!

    You are diversity

    At MHCC we believe that everyone is a vital part of the diverse world and community in which we live. This means that the Diversity Resource Center is a space that serves EVERY student at Mt. Hood. Come share who you are with us and your campus.

    We are located in your Student Union, AC 1050. Our phone number is (503) 491-7171. Or find us on social media.


  • About the DRC

    Learn more about our mission, our location, contact information, and hours of operation.

    DRC Services

    The Diversity Resource Center provides MHCC students with a wide-range of services to help support academic, professional, and life goals.

    Resources for YOU!

    The DRC is your place to connect with resources of all kinds, from campus and local support to international opportunities. Click here for more information.