• Learning Success Center Computer Skills Lab

  • Guidelines and Procedures - Room 3333

    The following rules were designed to enhance the learning environment and to ensure the availability and protection of the computer equipment.

    Student Responsibilities

    1. MHCC Computer Labs are for staff and registered students. To ensure the computers are used only by MHCC students, you may be asked to verify you are a student. Please cooperate with staff members if you're asked to show your student ID. Visitors wishing to use computers are welcome to use the campus library.
    2. Campus computer labs are intended for students working on class assignments and school-related work. Seating preference will be given to students doing academic work. Note your computer use is monitored; inappropriate use of the computers can result in loss of lab privileges.
    3. Please be gentle with the computer equipment to avoid damage. Please be especially careful with the headphone cords (provided in some labs).
    4. We appreciate you leaving your area neat and orderly for the next lab user by arranging your keyboard, mouse, and monitor, returning your seat under the table, and removing any debris. Trash cans and recycling bins are available for your use.
    5. We appreciate lab users displaying courtesy to other students, classes, and staff. Though some labs can be busier and noisier during class times, keeping your voice down is always valued. Anyone causing disruption in the lab may be asked to leave.
    6. Any unauthorized use of passwords, software or records, falsification of identity, as well as any violation of the confidentiality or security of passwords, software or file data, will be subject to disciplinary action.
    7. Cell phones or pagers should be set to vibrate or off. If you get a call in the lab that you must take, quickly exit the lab and take the call outside to maintain a positive study environment.
    8. Open lab hours are posted. "Be aware that classes scheduled to use the lab may cause some students to have to move, though we will give prior warning of this."
    9. No food is allowed in the lab. Drinks are allowed, but some MHCC labs may allow them only in some areas to keep them away from the workstations. Please be careful not to spill.
    10. Please note the fire exits. In case of fire, leave the lab immediately and proceed to designated areas outside the building in a calm and orderly manner, as directed by staff.
    11. MHCC Administrative Regulation AR-4100-A addresses visitors on campus: "Individuals not enrolled as students nor employed by the College are welcome on campus, whether they have particular business to conduct or not, so long as their presence does not interfere with the orderly operation of the college."

      Section 1.5 of the same document addresses children on campus:
      "Juveniles under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, unless the juvenile is attending approved activities or enrolled in classes which have been properly scheduled or has been invited to attend the College."