• Apprenticeship - How do I get started?

  • # 1. Research different programs & trades:

    Learn as much as you can about the trade you plan to pursue. The following webpages include a link to each training center’s website. Their websites provide valuable information on how to prepare & apply for their apprenticeship opportunities.

    Looking for additional resources to learn more about the trades, check out: www.Careersnw.org

    #2. Gather documents & Information:

    Applying to an apprenticeship is just like applying for a job. Gather dates and addresses for jobs you have worked. Complete a master application and/or a resume, so all of the information is in one place.

      Ask your employer for a letter of recommendation – even if the job is not construction related, this shows you are a good employee, who can work hard and show up on time.
    • Obtain a copy of your high school and/or college transcripts.
    • Document related projects you have worked on in hands on classes, as a hobby or with a friend or relative (consider including a picture to document your work).
    • Practice your interviewing skills

    #3. Gain Experience in the construction industry:

    Consider a pre-apprenticeship program: https://www.oregon.gov/boli/apprenticeship/Pages/pre-apprenticeship-programs.aspx

    Work in an entry-level job in the construction industry: for example, material handler (electrician), flagger (carpentry and others), or classified worker (sheet metal).
    Consider related volunteer work with a non-profit organization or church.

    # 4. Learn as much as you can about apprenticeship programs:

    Additional Resources: State of Oregon – Apprenticeship Training website: https://www.oregon.gov/boli/ATD/pages/index.aspx