Students Organizations & Clubs

  • Student Clubs and Organizations offer opportunities for students to meet new people, develop leadership skills, integrate course work with practical experiences and gain a well-rounded education. Whether you are involved in political activism, enjoy dancing, passionate about animal rights or crazy about outdoor sports, there is something for everybody to enrich campus life here at MHCC! Currently, there are over twenty clubs at MHCC to choose from or you can start your own club of you can’t find a club you are interested in.

    Student Organizations and Clubs Council (SOC)
    SOC is made up of representatives from every active club on campus. SOC meets every other Monday from noon-1 p.m. during Fall, Winter, and Spring terms in the Council Chambers located in the Student Union (AC 1052). Stop by and join our next meeting!

  • Reasons to Join a Club

    Clubs Primary Focus

    Getting involved on campus enable you to be connected to the community, gain college experiences, build leadership skills, voice your opinions and advocate for others. Be your own voice and join a club today or start one!

    If you need assistance starting a club or have questions about clubs, please contact Students Organizations & Clubs at or Rozina Lethe at


    Clubs Manual