Important information regarding your Transfer Evaluation Request:

  • Students must request a transcript evaluation from the Admissions, Registration and Records Office if transfer courses are to be applied toward an MHCC certificate or degree. To have transcripts evaluated students must:
    1. Verify that official transcripts of college level coursework are on file in the Admissions, Registration and Records Office. Only courses taken at an accredited college or university are transferable to MHCC. Please note, if you submitted a transcript with classes that are in progress, you will need to submit an updated transcript after grades are posted as classes in progress cannot be evaluated.
    2. Complete the Transfer Evaluation Request form and submit it to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office.
  • You may select any MHCC certificate or degree program in Degree Audit to see how your transfer and MHCC courses apply, but please be aware that MHCC Limited and Restricted Entry Programs have special admission requirements for which you must officially apply during the application period.

  • The number of transfer credits used toward a MHCC certificate/degree program will be posted to your MHCC transcript upon certificate or degree completion. Transfer grades are not included in the MHCC record.

Type of MHCC Degree or Certificate:

Your intended major and degree/certificate will be updated in the system based on your selection below. Financial Aid recipients should be sure selection matches financial aid files.

Degree Descriptions

Associate of Applied Science- list major/track:
Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer  
Associate of Science - Oregon Transfer Degree in Business  
Associate of Science - Oregon Transfer Degree in Computer Science  
Associate of Science  
Associate of General Studies  
Associate of General Studies/ Special Studies - List Music or Theatre Arts:
Certificate Program - list major/ track:

Colleges and/or Universities Previously Attended

List all non-MHCC schools that you would like evaluated.

IMPORTANT: if you earned credits at an institution outside of the US, there is an additional process for International Transcript Evaluation.

Have you been asked to submit your transcripts for a financial aid maximum timeframe appeal? (answer "No" to this question if you are unfamiliar with the term 'maximum timeframe appeal')



  • Below is a brief description of the degrees MHCC offers. For more information about each degree, please refer to the college catalog. If you are unsure which type of degree you would like to have your credits evaluated for, we recommend you meet with your advisor.

Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT)

The Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT) is a program of study that community college students can follow to fulfill all their lower division general education requirements for a Bachelors degree at an Oregon University System institution. It is an agreement between the Oregon State System of Higher Education and Oregon's community colleges to provide transfer of community college coursework to an Oregon university system institution. Completion of the AAOT Degree can lead to junior standing, for registration purposes, for any student admitted to a university in the Oregon university system.

Associate of Science (AS)

The Associate of Science degree is designed for students who plan to transfer and complete a Bachelors of Science degree at a four-year institution. The degree requirements allow students more flexibility in course selection allowing them to focus on their discipline requirements. Note: Completion of this degree does not guarantee that all lower-division General Education requirements have been met for a Bachelors degree (i.e. , this is not a block transfer degree as is the AAOT). In selecting courses for this degree, students are highly encouraged to review the specific transfer curriculum pages in the MHCC college catalog, consult with a faculty advisor and check with the institution to which they intend to transfer to determine appropriate course selection.

Associate of Science - Oregon Transfer Degree in Business (ASOT)

Any student, who holds an Associate of Science/Oregon Transfer in Business degree that conforms to the degree guidelines and who transfers to any institution in the Oregon University system, will have met the lower-division general education requirements of that institution's baccalaureate degree programs. Students transferring with this degree will have junior standing for registration purposes. Admission to the business school/program of any Oregon university system (OUS) institution is not guaranteed upon completion of the Associate of Science/Oregon Transfer in Business degree. It is strongly recommended that students contact the specific OUS campus' business school/program early in the first year at MHCC to be advised about additional requirements and procedures for admission consideration to the OUS institution and the business school/program.

Associate of Science - Oregon Transfer Degree in Computer Science (ASOT)

This degree will allow students to transfer with junior standing for registration purposes, meet lower division general education requirements and complete some or all lower division major requirements for a selected four-year degree at all Oregon University System schools. It is designed for students intending to major in computer science. The ASOT-Computer Science does not guarantee admission into a student’s four-year program. Four-year institution class standing and GPA requirements also are not satisfied by an ASOT degree.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

The Associate of Applied Science degree is for students who have been accepted to a professional-technical program. Please see the college catalog for a list of the professional-technical programs offered at MHCC.

Associate of General Studies (AGS)

The purpose of the degree in general studies is to provide the student an opportunity to pursue a broad general education at a community college. It is intended as a flexible program for the student who is not pursuing a specified curriculum in the lower division transfer or professional-technical area. Because of the flexibility and broad approach of this degree, a student may find that it may not fulfill all of the requirements of full junior standing when transferred to a four-year institution.