• Transitions Application and Admission Process

  • Admission to the program is a competitive process, with preference given to individuals who have the highest need AND are most ready to succeed in college.  

    You will need to take the following steps to complete your application:

    1. Attend an information session. Click here for the schedule of information sessions.

      During the information session:
      • You will learn more about the Program, helping both you and the Program Coordinator discern if Transitions is the right program for you.
      • If you decide to move forward with your application you will be given the application packet.
      • You will get information and help on how to put together the required documents for your application packet.
      • You will get help in getting registered as a MHCC student and in filing a FAFSA application.

    2. Put Together Your Application Packet. The following are required to be submitted as part of your application:
      • Filled up application forms
      • Two letters of recommendation
      • College Placement Test results
      • Financial Aid Confirmation

    3. Submit your completed application packet on your scheduled registration session. During registration period your application will be reviewed and you will be notified immediately if you have been accepted to the Program.

    Putting Together the Application Packet

    • Filling in the Application Forms:
      Filling in the application forms as honestly as you can will help the Program assist you in many ways. It will help both you and the Staff discern if Transitions is the right program for you, if you are ready to take advantage of the opportunity to transition successfully to college, or if another program in the College would actually be a better fit for you, your goals and your specific needs.

    • Two Letters of Recommendation
      References from community professionals (such as supervisors, instructors, counselors etc.) are preferred, but personal references from non-professionals are acceptable as well.  The first letter of recommendation should follow the Transitions Program reference letter form which is included in the application packet. The second letter of recommendation may follow the standard form.

    • College Placement Test Results
      This may be your CPT results during the last year or a current term transcript if you are a student already taking classes at MHCC.  So that you may fully take advantage of the Program’s benefits and resources to help you excellently complete Transitions, a Reading and Writing Placement of Level 90 or its equivalent IECC level 201 is required.

      You do not need to make an appointment to take the CPT but you do need to be registered as a MHCC student to take the test. If you need help in registering as a MHCC student, the Program will be able to assist you through the Orientation Center.

    • Financial Aid Confirmation
      This is the confirmation page or other proof of correspondence that shows you have a current year FAFSA application. If you need help in filing your FAFSA, the Program will be able to assist you through the Orientation Center.

    Set Yourself Up For Success:

    If applicants submit a complete packet, they will be escorted as a group to the Admissions office to be registered for the next term’s Transitions classes.  If the packet is not complete, applicants will be referred to:

    1. Another registration session if there is one for the term the applicant is applying to; or
    2. Defer application to another term

    No waiting lists will be maintained.  All applicants must go through the entire process again if they are not admitted to the next term’s class.