• SOAR (Student Outreach and Recruitment) Team

  • The SOAR Team at Mt. Hood Community College are student leaders with a mission to get YOU here. They come with a range of educational and life backgrounds where some have “been there, done that”, while some are brand new to the college scene. They work with faculty, staff, students, and members of the community to promote MHCC and its programs and services. We are committed to getting any and all prospective students on board with MHCC.

    What do we do?

    The SOAR team works directly with the College’s Student Outreach and Recruitment Staff to get the word out about MHCC.


    Our students lead the following:

    • Campus Tours from 1-19 prospective students
    • Campus Visits with 20-150 students
    • Classroom presentations where they share their experiences to encourage prospective students to attend MHCC
    • Call students to help them with the enrollment process


    Our students lead the following:

    • Classroom presentations where they share their background and experiences.
    • College Fairs where students table at local high schools and the community to talk to prospective students about MHCC

    What do you need to SOAR?

    • Know (or want to know) the Gresham campus inside & out.
    • Have a story to share about why YOU chose to attend MHCC.
    • Want to help inspire, inform, and support prospective students.

    What do you receive on SOAR?

    • Part of your tuition paid for (tuition waiver).
    • Leadership skills that can be used towards a career in the future.