• SB 300 Expanded Options Program Application & Enrollment Information

  • Program Information

    Senate Bill 300, Expanded Options, provides eligible high school students another opportunity for early entry into post-secondary education. It also emphasizes specific provisions and priorities for at-risk students and drop outs. SB 300 promotes a seamless education system for students enrolled in grades 11 and 12 to have additional options to continue or complete their education, earn concurrent high school and college credits, and gain early entry into post-secondary education.

    Getting Started—High Schools

    • Once you have identified a student to participate in the Expanded Options program, please meet with the student to discuss specific classes that may be appropriate.
    • Provide the student the “Expanded Options Enrollment Packet” and assist them with its completion (under “Related Forms”)
    • Advise the student to contact High School Services at 503-491-7421 to make an Expanded Options Intake meeting. Have them bring the completed packet and placement test scores to complete the enrollment process and register for the approved class(s).

    Getting Started—Students

    Please contact your high school counselor to discuss if this program is an option for you!