• Planning to Transfer?

  • Graphic Design students can take advantage of the Articulation/Direct Transfer Agreement in place with Pacific Northwest College of Art's BFA in Communication Design program. Graduates of the IM: GD program can transfer to PNCA as juniors (upon acceptance). Contact the Graphic Design Adviser for details about this transfer opportunity.

    Several other schools that are worth a closer look (but without formal articulation agreements):

    Portland State University: Portland, Oregon. This is a four-year public university with a BA/BS in Graphic Design. Make sure to check out the GD department blog for information about how to apply through the PSU Sophomore Portfolio Review.

    Washington State University: Vancouver, Washington. WSU is a four-year public university with a BA in Digital Technology and Culture.

    Savannah College of Art and Design: SCAD has both Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia campuses, with many degree options to choose from. They even offer an eLearning option that may be attractive to those who want to stay in the Northwest.

    Art Center College of Design: Pasadena, California. This is a four-year private art school with many excellent degree options.

    What you can do now
    There are several steps you can take RIGHT NOW to ensure that the maximum amount of MHCC credits will transfer to other schools:

    1. Let us know you’re interested in transferring.
      Your IM program adviser (Chris, David, Jack or JD) can sit down and talk about which school would be best for your career plans. Each school has a slightly different curriculum and emphasis.

    2. Keep your grades up!
      Many schools will only transfer classes in which you’ve earned an A or a B. They may also have a GPA requirement of 3.0 to gain admission as a transfer student.

    3. Make a portfolio for each class.
      You’ll need to show your work for each class. Not only will schools look at the quality of work, they need to see exactly how MHCC’s course outcomes correlate their course outcomes or learning objectives. Keep a notebook with the MHCC course syllabus, project briefs, lecture notes and any related documents. By doing so, you’ll make it much easier for a transcript evaluator to award you maximum credit. Don’t expect them to "imagine" what you accomplished in a class based on a course number and grade on your transcript.

    4. Take affordable general education MHCC classes.
      COMMUNICATIONS: All schools will expect a full year of college-level writing. Take at least WR121 and WR122 at MHCC. Speech is also a common requirement within the Communications category. MHCC offers many Speech classes from which to choose.

      MATH: Most schools will require 100-level (or higher) Math class. MHCC offers MTH105, MTH111 etc.

      ART HISTORY: If you plan to earn a BA or BFA in Graphic Design, you need to take a full year of Art History. MHCC offers ART204, ART205 and ART206. While you can take these classes later at the school you transfer to, they will be two to three times more expensive.

      SCIENCE: Some 4-year programs have science requirements as well, so it’s important to identify a school early on so you can enroll in MHCC science courses at a far more affordable rate. Taking these additional classes may mean you will spend an extra term or two at MHCC.

    5. Most schools will not give credit for internships.
      Since Internship credit is typically earned in your senior year at a four-year school, it is premature to give you credit for an internship you took at MHCC (200-level). So, rather than do an internship in your sixth term at MHCC, take the IM272: Integrated Media Projects course.

    6. Visit the campus.
      Get a first-hand impression of a school you're considering. Each has its own look and feel. This is the very best way to make an informed decision.