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  • Whether you’re an actor, singer, guitarist, drummer, set designer, keyboardist, brass or woodwind player, MHCC’s respected Performing Arts program has exciting opportunities to help start or advance your journey as a musician, actor or stage technician. You’ll work closely with our dedicated faculty and enjoy numerous performance opportunities, master classes and clinics conducted by nationally recognized artists. Our students learn to explore, to innovate, to problem-solve and to push the boundaries of their creative expression.

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    Music Program Curriculum

    Our vibrant curriculum is designed to give students the knowledge and tools they need to become better musicians and transfer successfully into a four-year program.
    MHCC Choir

    Getting Started - Music

    MHCC music  program are open entry programs. We welcome students of all abilities and experience levels. To register follow this simple 3-step process.
    MHCC Jazz

    Music Ensembles

    We offer a diverse variety of performance opportunities to all students interested in discovering and advancing their musical abilities: symphonic and chamber choir, symphonic band, orchestra, jazz band and small combos.

    Theatre Arts Curriculum

    Our program provides coursework for students seeking careers in theatre both onstage and behind the scenes as well as opportunities for non-majors to participate in our annual stage productions.
     Professional Theatre Technician Curriculum

    Professional Theatre Technician Curriculum

    The Theatre Arts Professional Technician curriculum is geared to students who wish to specialize in the planning, design and execution of theatrical scenery, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup and stage management.

    Technical Theatre Curriculum

    Technical Theatre Curriculum

    The Technical Theatre CPCC program trains students in theatrical and live entertainment events focusing on employment as part of a production team.

    Getting Started - Theatre

    MHCC theatre program are open entry programs. We welcome students of all abilities and experience levels. To register follow this simple 3-step process

    2023-24 Season & Auditions

    Auditions for our theatre productions and improv group are open to all students. Annual productions include a winter musical, a studio theatre ensemble project and a children's show. Our improve group performs year-round. Dates for upcoming auditions to be announced soon.

    Planning to Transfer?

    Graduates of the Performing Arts programs can continue their studies at public and private four-year colleges and universities throughout the country. Your faculty program adviser can sit down and talk to you about a choosing a school that matches your needs, goals and budget.