Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) provides people access to higher education. This page is designed to help students understand the rights and responsibilities of being a student with MHCC.

  • Please contact:

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    Nikki Barone: 503-491-7374
    Ivonne Fleishman: 503-491-6054
    Counseling: 503-491-7432
    Accessible Education Services Office: 503-491-6923
    Public Safety: 503-491-7310

  • Student Complaint Handbook

    Student Complaint Handbook

    Mt. Hood Community College provides processes to address concerns and complaints against the College and/or employees. The Student Complaint Procedures Handbook provides both informal and formal processes to investigate the allegations of a complaint arising from conditions, practices, working relationships, decisions, actions or inactions of Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) and/or its faculty or staff.

    Community of Care

    Community of Care

    This area is a place for Students, Staff, and our community to learn more about referral services on and off campus and additionally for you to report; Threats, Student Conduct issues, Behavioral concerns, and academic concerns to the Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Team (BiTa).


    The Process

    Learn the ins and outs of the Student Conduct Process including the reporting of alleged misconduct, the format of conduct hearings, sanctions, and the steps to appeal.

    Academic Resources

    The college provides a variety of academic and other resources to help support students achieve their academic goals. 
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    Student Conduct Process

    A Student who is alleged to have violated the MHCC Student Code of Conduct will be asked to meet with the Conduct Administrator or designee.

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    Title IX Equity and Inclusion

    The college works to provide an equitable and inclusive learning environment free from harassment and discrimination. Click to learn more about Title IX and diversity initiatives.

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    Academic Support and Resources

    The college provides a variety of academic and other resources to help students achieve their academic goals. Click to learn about resources.

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    Student Complaint Process

    Students have the right to file a complaint when they believe they have not received a level of service commensurate with the values of MHCC. Click to file a complaint.