• Request an Official MHCC Transcript

  • An official transcript is a certified statement of your complete and permanent academic record at MHCC, including all coursework taken, grades received and degrees/certificates earned. The fastest way to order your MHCC transcript is through the link below that will direct you to the Parchment transcript order page. You can request an official PDF transcript be sent via secure email delivery (a.k.a., e-transcript) or postal mail. Important Note: E-transcripts must be received directly from a secure delivery service provider. They are not considered official if forwarded from the student. Do not email the official transcript to yourself. Send them directly to your recipient.

    When creating your Parchment account it is not necessary to know your MHCC login credentials. If there are any financial holds on your account, the transcript order will be cancelled. To request a refund for a cancelled order contact Parchment Support and provide the document ID number.


    Alternative ways to request your official MHCC transcript.

    Transcripts may not be ordered via phone. Alternative ways to request your official transcript can be found on the Alternative Ways to Request Your Transcript page. If you have other questions regarding ordering transcripts, please email ar@mhcc.edu or call 503-491-7393.

    If you have questions regarding financial holds, contact Accounts Receivable at 503-491-6070 or AccountsReceivable@mhcc.edu.

    Unofficial MHCC Transcript

    An unofficial MHCC transcript may be viewed and printed from MyMHCC at https://my.mhcc.edu/ics. Once you have logged into MYMHCC choose Plan and Register, Manage Academic Records, then View an Official Transcript.

    GED Test Record Request

    Although we provide GED testing services, we do not keep the GED records; they are forwarded to the State of Oregon. You can order a copy of your test records by going to this link: www.ged.com.

    High School Recovery or Adult High School Transcript

    High school recovery or adult high school courses will not display on your official MHCC transcript. If you need an official record of those courses please contact HighSchool.Services@mhcc.edu for assistance.