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Cross Country

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, MHCC provides a great place for aspiring student-athletes eager to embark on a fulfilling journey with our women's cross country program.

MHCC remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a supportive and conducive environment, both academically and athletically. Boasting cutting-edge facilities and a devoted coaching staff, we empower our student-athletes to harmonize their academic pursuits with their athletic ambitions. Join our women's cross country program at MHCC, where the pursuit of excellence is not merely a goal—it's a way of life.

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MHCC Women's Cross Country

head coach - fernando fantroy

Fernando L. Fantroy Sr. boasts 36 years of experience in track and field, with sixteen of those dedicated to coaching athletes at the high school level. Coach Fantroy is also the founder and head coach of Dare to Dream Track Club and Dare to Dream Sports Academy, where he coached athletes at various levels for 17 years.

Throughout his career, Coach Fantroy has played a major role in developing over 50 individual state champions, three United States of America Track and Field (USATF) Youth National Champions, 15 USATF finalists, and seven state record holders. His athletes' achievements span a diverse range, including hurdlers, middle-distance runners, long-distance runners, and triple jumpers. Coach Fantroy instills in his athletes the motto of being dedicated self-motivated ones, or 'DSMOs.'

Further, Coach Fantroy holds Level-1 USATF certification and served as a volunteer sprint coach at Warner Pacific College for the 2014 track season. He is the owner and head coach at The Furnace Athletic Academy LLC. Due to his expert knowledge in hurdle training, Coach Fantroy has earned the nickname 'The Hurdle Doc' among his athletes and fellow coaches.

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