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Networking and Security Operations

Cybersecurity means keeping computer networks, gadgets, and info safe from criminal use and hacks. It's about making sure info is private, whole, and always there. Every company that relies on computers and technology to run their business needs someone with know-how in this area. The networking and security operations degree will prepare you for these in-demand jobs.

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In the networking and security operations degree program, you'll learn to keep computer parts and programs running well and fix any issues. You'll also design network solutions, team up with other techs, and set up and tweak personal computers. Plus, you'll handle networks, making sure they're safe. You'll prepare for tech problems with solid plans, talk to others about tech in clear ways, and check networks for any security weak spots.

Your future

Your networking and security operations degree from Mt. Hood Community College will make you an in-demand employee for all kinds of companies that need cybersecurity-savvy people.

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You can start the networking and security operations degree program during any term. Students admitted to MHCC can sign up for classes in the program after reading, writing, and math placement requirements have been met.

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Classes in the networking and security operations degree program at MHCC will teach you everything you need to know to keep computers and networks safe and functioning. To earn your degree You have to finish the program within five years.

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