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Mathematics - Program Details

A major in mathematics can gain you entry into a number of careers, since most require some degree of math. Plus, the math taught at Mt. Hood Community College focuses on using math in real life.

Prepare for a Career in Mathematics

When you major in mathematics, you can expect to gain the knowledge needed for problem solving, technology use, and understanding concepts. If you are hoping to become a teacher, you are encouraged to tutor at our Learning Success Center. This will give you hands-on experience so you will be ready to enter the classroom as soon as you graduate.

Program Outcomes

After completing this program you'll be able to:

  • Effectively communicate a problem-solving process, results and conclusions using mathematical terminology and correct mathematical syntax.
  • Apply mathematical concepts, skills, reasoning and modeling to solve problems arising from the real world.
  • Model problem situations visually, numerically, graphically and/or algebraically and make connections among various models.
  • Demonstrate a command of functions from multiple perspectives.
  • Determine if a solution is reasonable, verify results and compare solutions from different approaches.
  • Use appropriate technology to analyze and solve mathematical problems.
  • Describe and interpret, from multiple perspectives, the purpose and usefulness of the derivative concept.
  • Describe and interpret, from multiple perspectives, the purpose and usefulness of the integral concept.

Courses and Curriculum

As a full-time student at Mt. Hood Community College, you should be able to complete your Associate of Science in Mathematics in two years. Courses include classes such as conceptual math, calculus, quantitative reasoning, differential equations, trigonometry, and statistics.

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Your Future in Mathematics

The education you receive through our mathematics program will set you up for a successful start to your career as well as opportunities to pursue your bachelor’s degree. Take your first steps with confidence thanks to your start at MHCC.

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