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Explore the wonders of Japan as you dive into immersive travel experiences that make learning language and culture a thrilling adventure! Picture yourself not just studying Japanese from books, but actually chatting with locals, tasting yummy sushi, and wandering through lively markets.

Japan Summer Outbound Program

Immersive travel lets you soak up the essence of Japanese life, turning language learning into an exciting journey. From exploring historic temples to taking part in tea ceremonies, every moment becomes a chance to understand language and culture in a way that goes beyond textbooks. Join us on this incredible journey where each step is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make lasting memories. Say goodbye to regular classrooms and hello to the vibrant classrooms of Japan! 

Experience the Cool Side of Japan

MHCC@SGU program is a new summer outbound program. MHCC students will be hosted at Sapporo Gakuin University in Ebetsu, Hokkaido. Ebetsu is a sister city of Gresham, OR, and is a suburb of Sapporo. 

All participants will have opportunities to experience Japanese culture by interacting with the local people including the students at SGU and host families. During the weekday mornings, participants will be taking comparative culture class taught by MHCC instructor. The topics covered in the class will have direct connections to the homestay, field trips, and daily encounters the participants have while in Japan. Field trips include destinations to some historical and cultural sites. This includes a day trip to Sapporo which is one of the three biggest cities in Hokkaido. 

As part of this program, a group of students from SGU also come  to study at MHCC. That will make this outbound program even more interesting. MHCC participants of this program will have the opportunity to interact with them Japan, and they can meet again at  MHCC. 

This study abroad program is a perfect introduction to Japan for anyone who is considering the study of the Japanese language, culture, and society. 

The more fluent you are in Japanese, the better you will be with your host families. At least one term of college-level Japanese language class must have been completed by the end of the winter term. First-year Japanese I (JPN101) is offered every term at MHCC. 

Sapporo has a cooler climate in summer and is famous for its ramen noodles as well as its beer and potatoes. 

Email Japanese Instructor Yoko Sato for more information

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