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Off-Campus Access Guide

MHCC gives access to databases and eBooks to current students, faculty, and staff. To access materials off campus, you'll need your MyMHCC credentials. Follow the steps below.

Need help? Call 503-491-7516 or email a reference librarian.

How to access library materials off-campus

Type your MyMHCC username in the first box. For students this is usually your six digit MHCC ID number. Type your MyMHCC password in the second box. By default this is set to your six digit birthday (MMDDYY). If you cannot remember your password, select "I forgot my password" on the MyMHCC login page.

Make sure you are using a supported web browser for your operating system. Other browsers or versions may also work, but they are not supported.

Operating System Compatible Web Browsers
Windows 7 (or newer)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Firefox 59 or newer
Chrome 66 or newer

Mac OS X 10.7 (or newer) Safari 6 or newer
Firefox 59 or newer
Chrome 66 or newer
Linux Firefox 59 or newer
Chromium 66 or newer

Be sure to enable cookies. Cookies must be enabled on your browser in order for the proxy connection to work. Temporarily disable pop-up blockers. Some online resources use pop-up windows to display results. If you are seeing security errors or warnings, try clearing your browser cache. This can sometimes also help with odd display issues.

Java is required to access some of the Library's online resources. Most computers come with Java already installed. However, if you receive an error message saying java is not installed, or the page is not displaying correctly you can download the latest version of the java plug-in.

Some article results may be viewed only as a PDF document. If you are having trouble viewing PDF files try downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader here.

Dial-up users, please disable any web accelerator software you may be using. This may often be done through an icon in the system tray.

Disable any identity protection software you may be using (such as GhostSurf) as it may interfere with our proxy server.

Try disabling any firewall software you may be using. Please note that Windows (XP/Vista/7) has a built in firewall. You can disable this through the control panel.

For additional assistance, please call 503-491-7516. Librarians are also available for online appointments and via email.

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