• Late Registration

  • Students may register via our MHCC Portal until 11:59 the night before the first day of a class. Registration assistance is available in the Student Service HUB during office hours.

    Students have until 11:59 p.m. the day prior to the first day of class to register. All student must obtain the instructor's permission to add a class after it has started. Students should contact the instructor immediately to learn if adding the class is possible. Instructors can submit approval to the Admission, Registration and Records office through an electronic schedule change form or approvals can be emailed to ar@mhcc.edu for processing. Paper schedule change forms can be processed in the Student Services HUB (Room AC2253) during office hours.

    Students may only register or add a class through the 2nd week of instruction (or the equivalent for non-standard length classes) with the instructor's permission. The Coordinator of Student Records or designee will handle any exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis.

    Students whose names do not appear on the instructor's class list are not officially registered and will not receive credit or grades.

    Caution: Students should be aware that registering for classes after instruction has begun is detrimental to their learning. Any student entering a course late will be held responsible for all materials previously covered. Students are not guaranteed make-up privileges. Late registration may result in little or no refund period.