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Understanding Course Requirements

Mt. Hood Community College is committed to your success as a student. We require you to be proficient in reading, writing and math or a combination of these basic skills before you can enroll in most college courses. While this sometimes means you have to take additional remedial courses during your time at MHCC, this helps ensure your success in the classes you need to graduate. 

Reading, Writing and Math Proficiencies

Reading Proficiency

A student proficient in reading is typically able to read textbooks at the ninth grade level and identify main ideas and supporting details. However, they might still find it tough when there is a lot to read, the content is complex, or the vocabulary is difficult.

Writing Proficiency

A proficient writing student can generate ideas and write a clear nonfiction paragraph on a single topic. Their writing will be free of errors that could distract the reader. They might have trouble writing long papers or answering essay questions, but should be able to write one or two paragraph essays or lab reports easily.

Math Proficiency

A math proficient student can understand and solve basic math problems dealing with fractions, decimals, and percentages. Note: A student who places beyond a specific course may not have all the skills contained within the earlier courses.

Proficiency Levels

Proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics can be determined a number of ways. There are two proficiency levels: Proficiency Recommended or Proficiency Required. Proficiency levels for each course can be found at the end of individual course descriptions.

Proficiency Recommended

All students who want to take courses where proficiency is recommended should meet reading, writing, and math skills.

Proficiency Required

For courses where proficiency is required, all students must place higher than RD090, WR090, and MTH020.

Review options for course placement and proficiency levels 

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