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If a class is full but you would still like to register for it, you can join the waitlist. If someone drops the class or a new section opens up, you may still be able to add the class. 

Log in to MyMHCC to join a class waitlist

What if I’m added to a class from the waitlist? 

If you are added to a class from the waitlist you will be notified. If you are added to a class from the waitlist, you are responsible for additional tuition and fees.

If you no longer want to be on a waitlist, you are responsible for removing yourself. 

Students are added to the class from the waitlist based on a first-come-first-serve basis, while also factoring in these additional following circumstances. You will not be added to a class from the waitlist if: 

  • You are already signed up for another section of the same class.
  • Being added to the class will create a schedule conflict with the other classes you are already registered for.
  • If you are on wait lists for multiple sections of the same class, you will be added to the section with the first opening and dropped from all other waitlists for that class.

How to check your waitlist status

You can check your waitlist status online through MyMHCC, by phone, or in person with the staff in the admissions, registration, and records office.

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