• Wait Lists

  • A wait list is a record of students interested in adding a class that does not have available space. The College will take students from wait lists and place them into classes that open up when other students drop, or place them into new classes when, for example, new class sections are opened.

    For additional directions for Online Learning courses, please see: Online Learning Frequently Asked Questions.

    If a class is full, students can choose to go on a wait list. If, while on a wait list, space becomes available, students will be added by the Admissions, Registration and Records Office until the date a class begins.

    Students will not be added to a class from a wait list if it creates a schedule conflict or if students are already registered in another section of the same class. If on wait lists for multiple sections of the same class, students will be added to the section with the first opening and dropped from all other wait lists for that class.

    Students have until 11:59 p.m. the day prior to the first day of class to register. All students, including wait-listed students, must obtain the instructor's permission to add a class after it has started. Students should contact the instructor immediately to learn if adding the class is possible. Instructors can submit approval to the Admission, Registration and Records office through an electronic schedule change form or approvals can be emailed to ar@mhcc.edu for processing. Paper schedule change forms can processed at the Student Services HUB (Room AC2253) during office hours. 

    Being added to a class from the wait list will affect the student's financial account and students are responsible for the resulting additional tuition and fees. Students should remove themselves from any wait list they no longer want to be on and are responsible for checking their wait list status in one of the following ways: online, by phone or in person with the staff in the Admissions, Registration and Records Office.