• Planning to Transfer

  • Transfer To A Four-Year College in Performing Arts

    Graduates of our program have numerous options for transferring to a four-year school. If you are thinking of transferring, however, we recommend that you contact your faculty adviser as early as possible. Faculty can talk to you about which school would be best for your academic interests, your budget and your career goals. Faculty will guide you as to what classes you should enroll in that will serve to complete your associate’s degree and also satisfy transfer requirements. It’s especially important that you have an educational plan mapped out to meet financial aid requirements, and our faculty can help you with that.

    Admission and degree requirements vary among colleges and universities. Students are advised to meet with a music faculty adviser early to develop an educational plan and to confirm specific admission/major/degree requirements of the four-year program.

    Note: Community colleges do not award transfer degrees in a subject area such as music or theatre, but do award an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree, an Associate of Science Oregon Transfer – Business degree or an Associate of Science degree. Your ability to transfer as a junior into a four-year will be based on completion of the music courses recommended as a 2-year guide found under the “Music Program” link.

    Below is a partial listing of Oregon Colleges offering four-year music degrees or a minor in music.

    Music Link
    Eastern Oregon University eou.edu/music
    Oregon State University liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/school-arts-and-communication/music
    Portland State University pdx.edu/the-arts/music-admissions
    Southern Oregon University sou.edu/music
    University of Oregon music.uoregon.edu
    Western Oregon University westernoregonuniversity.org/Western-Oregon
    Theatre Link
    Oregon State University oregonstate.edu/dept/theatre
    Portland State University pdx.edu/the-arts/theatre-film
    Southern Oregon University sou.edu/theatre
    University of Oregon theatre.uoregon.edu
    Western Oregon University wou.edu/las/creativearts/theater_dance/theatre_info.php