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Portland State University

MHCC and Portland State University (PSU) are committed to serving your personal educational needs. This program offers you flexibility, lower costs, and access to resources at both schools.

Why should you choose this program?

  • Expanded degree options by combining resources of two schools
  • Only one application for MHCC and PSU program
  • Funds offered to qualified students
  • Access to technology and libraries on both campuses
  • Least costly route to your degree
  • More chances to study abroad and intern
  • Guided move to a four-year school

The most direct path to a college degree involves thoughtful planning. Knowing how credits transfer and the prerequisites for your major will help you reach your goals.

The co-admissions program will help ensure every credit counts and every course prepares you for your degree. 

Your success begins at MHCC

The MHCC faculty and staff will provide you with a strong academic base to support your work towards a bachelor's degree at PSU. Small classroom size and lower costs are great reasons for to start at MHCC.

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Complete your degree at PSU

PSU is a national model for urban schools. PSU's ties to government, business and industry, and community organizations expand the classroom walls, providing a wealth of learning opportunities for you. It is no surprise that more students transfer to PSU than any other Oregon university.

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