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Warner Pacific University

Start your bachelor’s degree at MHCC and finish with Warner Pacific University (WP). This program provides a chance for students to complete one application process for enrollment at MHCC and WP, allowing students to work toward their bachelor’s degree right at MHCC. This program allows students to access services at both schools. MHCC and WP have partnered to build programs that expand credit transfer for students.

Why should you choose this program?

  • One simple application process for both MHCC and WP
  • Advising offered at all campus locations
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling with access to more classes
  • Access services and enjoy college life on both campuses
  • Financial aid offered to qualified students
  • Access to library and computer lab resources on both campuses
  • Matched courses from MHCC to programs at WP

Your success begins at MHCC

MHCC will provide you with a strong base to support your work toward a bachelor’s degree at WP.  Small class sizes and costs are great reasons for you to start at MHCC and finish at WP.

Finish your degree at WP

  • Quick and easy application process
  • Costs 33% lower than the average private college in the Pacific Northwest
  • Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon
  • A small college with 11 students for every teacher
  • A strong liberal arts program
  • The chance to grow in your faith and serve the community at a top Northwest Christian college
  • Robust athletics program
  • Chances to intern throughout Portland
  • Student leadership in clubs and organizations
  • A vibrant and active campus
  • Life-long friendships
  • Recognized for service to the community

MHCC and WP have designed programs that will ensure every credit and course will count toward your degree. When you join this program, you will enjoy a smooth transition between MHCC and the university.

For questions about admissions, call WP at 503-517-1020 or reach out via email.

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