• Registration Calendar

  • Registration Calendar 2019-2020 Academic Year

    Be | Prepared Before You Register!

    Spring 2020

    Will you be done with the requirements for your degree or certificate by the end of winter or spring term? Apply for graduation now!

    What's Happening Date/Deadline: To get more info, or to complete this step:

    Schedule of classes goes online.

    January 23

    See Schedule of Classes.

    Registration Opens for students with…

    …75 or more MHCC credits.*

    February 6

    Register on MyMHCC. Already an MHCC student and not sure what classes to take? See your adviser and/or run a degree audit.

    *Veterans group: veterans, active duty military, and students using VA education benefits at MHCC qualify for early registration.

    …60 or more MHCC credits.

    February 7

    …45 or more MHCC credits.

    February 10

    …30 or more MHCC credits.

    February 11

    …15 or more MHCC credits.

    February 12

    …New and transfer students.

    February 13

    Determine course placement first (see Testing Services for more info), then visit the Student Services HUB with your course placement to get help picking the right courses for your first term at MHCC and learn how to register.

    Complete all financial aid documents on MyMHCC and change credit load if taking less than 12 credits to ensure bookstore voucher (if eligible) and on-time payment of tuition and fees.

    Log on to MyMHCC, click "Financial Aid", then "View My Bookstore Authorized Amount" to see if you have funds available. Make sure you are following the guidelines for remaining eligible for financial aid at Keep My Aid.

    Spring Break

    March 23 - April 3

    Online registration closes.*

    April 5

    See How to Register for a Class. *For classes that start April 6.

    Term begins.

    April 6

    Arrive early and attend all classes you're registered or waitlisted for. Parking is free and discounted TriMet passes are available in the bookstore!

    Last day to drop with a refund.**

    April 12

    See How to Drop a Class. Check your course and fee statement on MyMHCC for the last day to drop each course with a refund.

    **Please note that this deadline is for standard length (10-12 week) classes. Five (5) week classes have different refund dates – see info at the bottom of this chart.

    Last day to use financial aid in MHCC bookstore.

    See Financial Aid Important Info.

    Last day to add classes with instructor permission for financial aid credit-load.

    See Financial Aid Important Info.

    Financial Aid disbursement begins.

    See Financial Aid Important Info.

    If not using financial aid or financial aid is not enough to cover tuition/fees, last day to set up payment plan (installment note) on MyMHCC.

    See Student Installment Payment Note and Billing Rights and Responsibilities.

    Must have social security number on file, $100 minimum tuition/fees total, and no other prior monies owing to the college to qualify for payment plans.

    Last day to add a class with instructor permission.

    April 17

    See Late Registration.

    Last day to withdraw from an individual class (with no refund) or change grading type.

    May 22

    See How to Drop a Class. You may not drop a class that has already finished even if the instructor has not yet posted grades. For info on grading types, see Grading Information. Dropping classes late may have implications for your financial aid. See Keep My Aid.

    Memorial Day – Campus Closed

    May 25

    Last day to completely withdraw from the term (no refund).

    June 5

    Withdrawing from college may have implications for your financial aid. See Keep My Aid.

    Finals week for standard-length classes.

    June 8-13

    See Finals Schedule.

    GED Graduation

    June 12

    See Graduation. (Subject to change.)


    June 13

    See Graduation. (Subject to change.)

    • The REFUND DATE for every class is printed on the Student Class Schedule or the Course and Fee Statement located on the MyMHCC portal. To have charges removed, students must process a drop by the refund date on the MyMHCC portal or by contacting the AR&R Office in person or by phone.
    • Check the REFUND DATE if adding a class late. You may be adding after the refund period for that class, and therefore ineligible for a refund.
    • Concentrated first-five-week sessions run April 6 through May 9. Last day to add online is April 5 at 11:59 p.m. Last day to drop with a refund is April 8. Last day to change grade type or withdraw is April 29.
    • Concentrated second-five-week sessions run May 11 through June 13. Last day to add online is May 10 at 11:59 p.m. Last day to drop with a refund is May 13. Last day to change grade type or withdraw is June 3.

    All dates are subject to change and will be corrected here as needed.